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7 Tips To Help You Design Your Business Cards

Business cards are an often-overlooked tool when it comes to marketing your business, but in this age of digital communication, the humble business card is just as essential as ever.

Potential business partners and clients value face-to-face conversation, and it’s just as essential to have the right people out there networking and selling your business ‘in the real world’ as it is having beautifully designed adverts.

When you’re out there selling your business, the business card is the go-to weapon in your utility belt. All the essential information is right there, and it becomes the key that unlocks the door to future communication and (hopefully) mutual success.

However, people who network on a regular basis receive hundreds of business cards, and no matter how good your connection was, your card can easily get lost in amongst all the others. A properly designed one though, will catch the eye instantly. Here, we look at seven ways your card can stand out from the rest.

Check, Double Check and Triple Check

It sounds obvious, but it’s a mistake too many people make. By not checking every little detail, you essentially waste every card you print. A typo on an email address, an incorrect phone number or just factually incorrect information renders your card worthless and it can prevent potential business coming your way.

While getting cards produced can be relatively cheap, the true expense can be the amount of business lost if what you thought was a ‘sure thing’ doesn’t get in touch with you.

Be consistent

As well as getting all the wording correct, make sure the design is exactly how you wanted it to be either. Distinctive, consistent branding is essential for don’t settle for ‘good enough’ and make sure your company logo stands out.

You’ll want a business card that works in tandem with your other promotional materials, your website and even the front door of your building if necessary. This will make it far easier for the recipient of your business card to remember exactly who you are.

Represent your business

If necessary, you may feel the need to consult a graphic designer, but think about your business card as an ambassador for your brand. With this in mind, make sure the colours you use reflect the industry you work in. If your service is more specialist, will you need to use a photograph? If you’ve undergone a rebrand and want to get your logo out there, consider having just your new logo on one side of the card. From swish corporate designs, to flowery artistic affairs, make your card a reflection on what your business aspires to be.

Be bold

Being bold in this instance doesn’t mean having a bold typeface. Consider making your business card truly unique. While the standard business card shape is wallet-friendly, why not experiment with different textures and styles?

Having a unique shape can reflect what your business is all about – why not put it in the shape of your main product? If you really want to flex your creative muscles, you can produce business cards that serve other functions too – like a phone stand or handy box. Try and find a way to make it desk friendly, that way, your card could be something someone looks at every single day.

Use all the space available

Make your business card double-sided and give yourself room to flex your creative muscles. Why have a plain white background when you can have your company logo, or more information, on the other side?

Remember the fundamentals

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to the printing of business cards, just as there are with any other piece of printed material.

Keep your wording away from the edge of the trim (at least 5mm) – you don’t want anything important – like the start of your telephone number being cut off.

Get the finishing touches right

Colour Graphics can produce business cards in their beautiful natural form, with a matt laminate or with a matt laminate plus spot UV gloss varnish highlights.

You didn’t spend all that time perfecting the design to have it not feel right at the touch, so experiment with texture. Get something that people want to look at and want to hold.

Whatever design you go for, make sure you’re completely satisfied with the end product. After all, this is you and your business that you’re promoting, so why settle for anything less than perfect?

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