A marketing campaign needs to evoke positive emotions in people.


It needs to be tactile and be able to identify a problem and present the solution. At best, it creates a longing in the consumer that is strong enough to convert them from a recipient to a buying customer.

There are many ways in which this can be done.

Marketing can be done in digital format. The endless stream of emails that seem to clog the inbox and irritate us. But when done well, and arriving in the inbox at the right time, they can hit the nail on the head and hook us in to make a response.

The offline marketing world is, contrary to popular belief, alive and still very much kicking- it's still getting results. From leaflets to brochures, there are many offline promotional tools that still pack a punch.

One offline marketing technique is the postcard. They are a great promotional tool. Inexpensive and easy to design, the humble postcard invokes a pleasant feeling when it lands on the doormat or the desk. Big enough to contain a lot of information and pretty graphics, it is a versatile promotional tool that has, until now, been underutilised in the marketing world.

We show you five great ways in which the postcard can be useful and fruitful in bringing in customers, fans and followers…

#1 Coupon with a difference

Why reinvent the wheel? We all know that a money-off coupon or voucher is welcomed by customers. It can be the prod that people need to make that all-important purchase. The money-off coupon can entice people back to buy more, or welcome new customers.

Just because it is printed on a postcard, doesn't mean it can only be used in a shop. You can include coupons codes that work online too.

If you are planning a coupon campaign, turn to the trusty postcard for a coupon with a difference. Use the space for a striking image or graphic, have a simple offer displayed clearly and instructions on how and where to access it.

#2 Invites and tickets

Do you recall the excitement of being given an invitation to a party? Postcards can replicate this lovely feeling.

Invites on social media are all well and good. But why not create a nostalgic feeling by using a postcard to invite people to an event?

Social media is about mass marketing, in many respects. Although it can hit the mark, a printed invite is more personal and creates a sense of pleasure and delight in the recipient. This means that they are more likely to engage. Even though they may not be able to attend, the old-fashioned RSVP will bring in the contacts you need.

We have also seen a surge in postcards being used as tickets for events. Sturdy little numbers, the postcard can be designed to be anything and when you have instructions, maps and information you need to give attendees, packing it onto a paper ticket that can be easily lost or ripped is not the best idea.

Our postcards can hold all kinds of information, perfect for your event.

#3 Gift vouchers

The gift voucher has grown up from flimsy paper to plastic-fantastic, but we think the postcard designed as a gift voucher is perfect.

Small enough to fit into a matching envelope, your gift voucher postcard can be designed with a space for a handwritten message from you or the sender.

You could also design a range of gift voucher cards so that your customer has a choice of designs. Don’t forget to include information such as a use by date, if you have one, along with other information such as how and where to use it.

#4 Showing your appreciation

So, you have great people working for you, and great clients… wouldn’t it be nice to thank them? We are going to say nothing more than a postcard with a great double-sided design and sent as a ‘thank you’ postcard through the post is a delight to receive.

And don’t forget Christmas too!

#5 Feedback cards

Asking for feedback and reviews is an important step in making your business the best that it can be.

Yes, you can use independent online review sites but this seems to withdrawn and distant in many ways. But an A6 postcard has more than enough room for people to tick boxes and leave comments for you.

To encourage them to fill it in, why not add a coupon code too?

These are just five ideas as to how postcards can work for your business. What ideas can you think of?