You have taken time and energy to design them, as well as a decent slice of your under-pressure marketing budget. Your roller banners have arrived from Colour Graphics

This is literally the start of the story because now, these roller banners need to do what they have been designed and bought for: to advertise your business.

And so, as part of your roller banner or marketing strategy, you should be asking where are the best places to put your roller banners. We have come up with five possible locations…

  1. As a signpost to your shop/stand/retail outlet/booth/location

People are busy. They want to be able to a certain extent, to go to where they want as quickly as they want. They don’t want added complications, nor will they spend hours looking for your shop or retail space if it is not immediately obvious.

Roller banners are perfect for use as signage to where you are at. Strategically placed with all the information they need easily and readily available, your buyers will find you in no time.

If this space happens to be outside, then it pays to take heed of this cautionary tale. Vinyl or banner stands that are built specifically for outdoor use are essential. Other cheaper, indoor versions may be perfect for the inside of your shop but they will not last the test of time outside.

  1. Events, tradeshows, exhibitions and so on

Craft markets, Christmas markets and community events are just some of the places that your business may decide to use as a means of being able to communicate with and inform new customers about what you do.

People at these events, just like tradeshows, will be browsing for information and the roller banner if perfect for imparting that. So, if you want people to visit the website for more information, then give them the web address and so on. Or, you may want to list the benefits of your product and how it can make their life easier… and so on.

Remember, effective design with a clear purpose can make the difference between your message having impact or being lost.

  1. The shop and the saleroom

There are times when the roller banner is not out of place in a retail unit and again, strategically placed, you can ensure that the right people see the message at the right time.

Timing in a purchase is crucial. You can see when someone decides to make a purchase and then you may understand that a short wait at the till is also a crucial purchasing time. Adding value to the purchase is key in maximising sales and thus, desk top roller banners with the must-have offer of the week or month is one way of adding an extra purchase or two for the consumer.

So, if they spend over £20 and get 10% off, tell the customer this information as they browse IN store. If they can get a half price product when they make any purchase, tell them nearer to till and suggest which products would be a good buy.

  1. Reception or foyer

Just because you don’t have a retail area does not mean that your customers or patrons are immune to the delights of a roller banner.

You may want to impart some basic information to customers as they enter your building – e.g. you are the oldest engineering firm in the county and still a family run business etc. – and guess what can carry and impart that message effectively?

Yes, you are right – the roller banner.

  1. Award ceremonies, promotion events and so on

Now, we are not suggesting you unfurl your banner and place it centre stage at a red carpet event but there are certain times of the year – like Christmas etc. – where there are events and parties galore. Some of these are business based events and thus, they may present the perfect opportunity to promote your business.

There are many ways that you can do this but using your roller banners as a backdrop is one way of imparting information, but also about maintaining brand awareness and visibility.

The key to where and when you use roller banners falls back to the strategy that you have for their design and purchase. Some companies do invest in roller banners that contain nothing more than their logo and contact details, for use for promotional events and so on.

You may have other roller banners printed that carry a specific message or offer. Again, where you place these will vary.

Roller banners are meant to be used, so unfurl them and spread your marketing message!