December 2016


Online and Offline Marketing – Which channels to use? How to use them? Who to aim at? Why?

Infographic, Marketing & Advertising, Offline marketing

All questions that swirl around the vast topics of digital and offline marketing. It can be confusing knowing which marketing channel to use and when. Marketing trends come and go so fast that it can feel like you are constantly trying to catch up. The numbers make for fantastic reading – take a look at […]


A Simple Guide to Lighting your Exhibition Stand

Exhibition, Exhibition Stands, Tips

What springs to mind when planning, designing and creating an effective exhibition stand?   No doubt you will be concentrating all your efforts on making the stand as attractive, informative and intriguing as possible. These are the three things that pull delegates and customers to take a closer look. In a large exhibition hall, rammed […]


14 Ad Examples that Show Print Marketing Works!

Flexible Media Printing, Marketing & Advertising

In the digital era, it is easy to dismiss print marketing as old-fashioned. But, research suggests that print ads are more powerful than we think.  They create positive feelings towards a brand, an essential component in marketing your business to customers. Another study found that brand recall in customers was 70% higher when they read […]


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